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This is a high level roadmap for ASP.NET AJAX.

2009 Q1

  • ADO.NET Data Services support (available in Preview 3)
  • WCF and ASMX Web service integration (available in Preview 3)
  • ASP.NET AJAX Client Templates (available in Preview 3)
  • Declarative instantiation of client-side controls and behaviors (available in Preview 3)
  • Observable pattern for plain JavaScript objects (available in Preview 3)
  • Live Bindings (available in Preview 3)
  • Markup Extensions (available in Preview 3)
  • DataView control (available in Preview 3)
  • Command Bubbling (available in Preview 3)
  • DataContext component (available in Preview 4)
  • Command Bubbling (available in Preview 4)
  • Change tracking and identity management (available in Preview 4)
  • Support for managing complex links and associations between entities from multiple entity sets or tables (available in Preview 4)
  • Extension methods allowing change tracking and read-write client-server scenarios using other JSON services, including RESTful or JSONP based services (available in Preview 4)

2009 Q2

  • Splitting the existing Ajax Library into smaller script files
  • Using ScriptManager without including MicrosoftAjax.js
  • WAI-ARIA support
  • Support for non-Gregorian calendars
  • Support for jQuery

2009 Q4

  • Support for cross-domain requests
  • Server integration of client data
  • Support for new browser and HTML 5 features
  • Silverlight integration
  • Client sorting and filtering of data collections
  • User client controls
  • Pager and filter client controls
  • Attaching of controls from other AJAX frameworks, in ASP.NET AJAX templates

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Is AJAX 4.0 integrated into Visual Studio 2010?