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Release History

April 2012

  • New version of LTAF was released LTAF v2.0. New features in LTAF v2.0:
    • Refactoring of the solution structure and change of the naming convention for assemblies and namespaces. Previously LTAF v1.0 was still owned my ASP.NET QA and had Microsoft.Web.Testing in assembly and namespace names. Now, when it is completely open source, we decided that it is a good time to substitute Microsoft.Web.Testing with shorter and more convenient name LTAF.
    • New feature BrowserEmulator was added. BrowserEmulator is a lightweight UI-less browser that is suitable for simple scenarios and is very handy for automated test execution when NO UI is a requirement.
    • Bug fixes.
    • LTAF NuGet package was added to common NuGet feed, check this page for package details

November 2009

  • A new tool, LTAFRunner.exe, which allows you to automatically launch and record the results of your LTAF enabled website.
  • A new assembly, Microsoft.Web.Testing.Lightweight.RemoveService.dll, which allows integration of LTAF tests directly into a unit testing framework. For example MSTest or NUnit.

June 2009

  • Ability to automate frames and iframe elements in a test.
  • A new WebTestConsole class allows tests to write messages to the commands area of the driver page.
  • Ability to hide the console before tests run in order to increase performance of long-running test suites.
  • A new method IsServerError in the HtmlPage class allows tests to quickly determine whether the rendered page is an ASP.NET error page.
  • New events raised by the TestExecutor class let subscribers execute code during the life cycle of a test run.
  • Improved support for writing custom logs.
  • First version of API reference help.

April 2009

  • Ability to automate pop-up windows within a test.
  • Cleanup of the user interface, which now includes easy-to-read pass/fail results.
  • Ability to find elements by partial attributes (for example, to find elements by one of their CSS classes).
  • Ability to put test cases inside namespaces.
  • Ability to rerun only failed tests in a new window.
  • Ability to extend the Assert class.

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