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ASP.NET 4 Providers for AppFabric Caching

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Application ASP.NET 4 Providers for Windows Server AppFabric Caching (Refresh 1 - July 2010)
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Application ASP.NET 4 Providers for Windows Server AppFabric Caching
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Release Notes

Update: The ASP.NET 4 providers for AppFabric Caching are now available as part of the Windows Server AppFabric v1.1 CTP release. For the latest and most up-to-date providers please download and install the Windows Server AppFabric v1.1 CTP.

For more information on the Windows Server AppFabric v1.1 CTP:
For information on installing and using the ASP.NET providers for AppFabric:

This release contains two prototype ASP.NET 4 providers that use Windows Server AppFabric Caching as a backing store. The release includes a prototype session state provider and a prototype output cache provider - both of which use Windows Server AppFabric Caching.

Note: The providers have been updated with the Refresh 1 - July 2010 release. New functionality includes: configurable connection retry parameters, additional configuration settings for the session state provider, the output cache provider uses the same model for declaring connection information as the session state provider, and both providers support programmatically specifying connection information as an alternative to static configuration.

See the document in the download .zip for for more information on software pre-requisites when using the providers.

The prototypes are being posted as an early preview to try out and provide feedback. Feel free to post questions and feedback on the following forum: