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ASP.NET QA Roadmap

The Lightweight Test Automation Framework Road Map

What is the Lightweight Test Automation Framework for ASP.NET?

The Lightweight Test Automation Frameworkis a Web automation framework that is designed to run within an ASP.NET application. It has been developed and is used by the ASP.NET QA Team to automate regression tests for the product.

Next Steps

  • Release source code and unit tests for the the Lightweight Test Automation Framework.
  • Release documentation for the framework.
  • Gather feedback from the community to better understand Web automation user requirements.
  • Potentially incorporate what we learn into a Microsoft product release.

Upcoming Features

Expose an API to retrieve the type of browser that is being used.
  • Include a Stop Running Tests button.
  • Show a better progress bar and statistics while tests are running.
  • Create the WebTestClassInitialize and WebTestClassCleanup attributes to mark methods that should run at the beginning and at the end of a test class.

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DomsRoberts Nov 6, 2008 at 8:34 AM 
What is the expected date of the Documentation and are you going to include in it the details of what commands are available for ExecuteCommand with Browser commands?