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Dynamic Data Website Wizard Known Issues

This list of known issues applies to the 04-23 release. This is not an exhaustive list, but is intended to highlight the most common or likely issues that you will encounter when using this drop.

For a list of the issues fixed since the previous release, refer to Release Changes page.

General Issues

  • Web Application Project templates are not supported in this release.
  • Visual Web Developer Express Edition is not supported for this release.

Database Issues

  • When you browse to a SQL Server Express database (.mdf file) in the New Connection dialog box, the .mdf file is not copied to the local project. Instead, the Web.config file is updated to include a fully qualified path to the .mdf file wherever it resides on disk. You can work around this behavior by manually copying the .mdf file to the project and then updating the connection string to use the |DataDirectory| variable instead of the fully qualified path to the App_Data folder. For example, the connection string might look like the following: AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\Contacts.mdf
  • Selection of schema-qualified database objects (such as [dbo.MyTable]) is not supported in this release.
  • Certain database types such as image, blob, money, and xml do not work.
  • Database objects with punctuation or reserved words in the name might not work and might result in errors.

Wizard UI Issues

  • If you click Previous (to go back to a previous wizard page) and then click Next, the wizard might exhibit unpredictable behavior, state management issues, and errors.
  • No progress bar is displayed when generating the data model, and this operation can take considerable time, depending on the number of objects selected.
  • The Allow Inserts, Allow Edits, and Allow Delete options are displayed even for tables that do not have primary keys defined. In those cases, selecting these options can result in run-time errors.
  • When you finish the wizard, a dialog box is displayed that prompts you to replace the App_Code folder. This dialog box should not be displayed. Select the Apply to all items checkbox and click Yes.
  • The wizard does not enable or disable the Next and Finish buttons appropriately (that is, based on information that is completed in each wizard screen).

Code Generation Issues

  • When a data context namespace is specified in the wizard, the namespace is not used when the data model is registered in the Global.asax file. This results in an exception when the Web site runs.
  • The wizard-generated pages are not well-formatted. Press Ctrl-K, Ctrl-D to force formatting in Visual Studio.
  • The property names for partial classes that are generated for the data model are always based on the database schema, and may not always match the property names of the data model classes. This will result in an exception when the site runs.
  • Pages are not generated for stored procedures or functions in the data model.

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