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ASP.NET Dynamic Data

This is a high level roadmap for ASP.NET Dynamic Data featuring the areas we are investigating. We will continually update this as we post releases to the CodePlex site.

2013 Q1 VS 2012 / ASP.NET Tooling Update

  • Dynamic Data projects updated to support Entity Framework DbContext

2012 Q3 VS2012 / .NET 4.5

  • Field Templates updated to output HTML 5 input types
  • Project templates updated to support unobtrusive validation
  • New Web Form Model Binding feature enables Dynamic Data by default (DynamicField and DynamicControl work in data controls by default)

2010 Q2 (WCF RIA Services)

  • DomainDataSource - ability to use Dynamic Data against a business layer instead of Entity Framework / Linq to SQL
    • ASP.NET Support
      • Dynamic Data Support

2010 Q1 (VS2010 / .NET 4)

  • Entity Templates - ability to have templates for an entire object instead of fields
  • Inhertitance - supporting inheritance in EF / Linq to SQL
  • Many to Many relationships in EF
  • Field Templates
    • Url
    • Email
    • Enumerations
  • Attributes
    • FilterUIHint - control which filter is used for a column
    • Display - control order, displayed, filter displayed and more
  • Filters
    • Templated
    • Support for custom filters
  • CSS - less issues with bleeding into control toolkits
  • Declarative DynamicDataManager
  • DynamicHyperlink
  • QueryExtender on DataSource doing text and range searches declaratively
  • EnableDynamicData allows use of Dynamic Data in any ASP.NET application

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Andrew_Gubskiy Jan 3, 2014 at 10:46 PM 
Did you plan to develop the Dynamic Data in future?
Did you plan to implement support of Entity Framework 6?

sjnaughton Jun 7, 2012 at 8:53 PM 
We could do with this updating people may start to think DD is loosing the love :)